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notes on extinction
for solo acoustic guitar (in scordatura)

die dinge ohne uns, ihre langsamkeit und die freiheit der menschen
(in musik)
(h.m., m.m., s.z.)

for ensemble, objects, tapes and image sequences

and briefly, a stable meaning

for viola solo


diachronic sound sculptures                       View Gallery | Audio excerpt
for baroque violin, modern violin, baroque cello and modern cello



studies in intimacy II: the deep mirror           Video
for violin and guitar


head chorale                                    

for piano trio

framework us                                           Video                            for two accordions and fixed media


What All This Could Be                            Youtube | Audio | View Gallery
a musical theatre / a theatrical musical performance for three voices, clarinet/bass clarinet and cello with objects, tapes, projections, a spatial installation and audience participation

Von einem Land, dem Fluss und den Seen
for choir SSAA with tape and handbells


die leere, die fülle                                       
View Score

for recorders/voice, percussion, objects and tapes

band / linie / horizont II: limited perspectives  View Score
for piano solo (with optional tape)

arresting images - stereo / collage version    Youtube | Buy CD
for harpsichord (in overlays)
arresting images                                        Audio | View Score
(version for 4 harpsichords and 4-channel tape)


changing my emptiness                          Audio
for 4 channel tape / fixed media


AUSSEN V: storytelling                 Audio | View Score | Notes | Youtube

for soprano saxophone, clarinet, viola, doublebass, objects, projection and sample players

Elementartropismus oder: Der unbewegte Beweger

miniature piece for bass flute, bass clarinet and piano     View Score | Notes

für 3  
                                     Audio | View Score | Notes

graphic scores for variable lineups

leben / lassen                                          
for orchestra

band / linie / horizont If                            View Score | Notes
for piano, bass clarinet, radionoise and dictaphones

collapsing as critical strategy                   View Score | Notes
for piano solo


jolivetmaterial                                            View Score | Notes

for clarinet, recorder, harpsichord, viola, percussion and objects

AUSSEN IV: quotidien, quotidienne     Audio | View Score | Notes
for piano, string quintet, appliances and objects

ruinen, dialektische prozesse, semantik      
for six Paetzold recorders, fixed media and fixed and found objects

dissoziativ weben I-III                                 View Score | Notes
for voice solo or various voices

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AUSSEN                                         Audio | View Score | Notes
for Tenor dulcimer solo, appliances, dictaphone recordings and objects

AUSSEN II                            Audio | Video | Audio II | View Score | Notes
for Soprano and clarinet, fixed media, appliances and objects

die rasterung der wirklichkeit am beispiel des lichts

for open ensemble                                            View Score | Audio | Youtube

  Why does my heart feel so bad (Moby, arr. Hannes Dufek)            Audio
  high volatility                                                                          Audio

  All you need is love (Beatles, arr. Hannes Dufek)

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weil die dinge im fluss bleiben müssen (because things need to stay in flux)

for violin, clarinet, piano                      Audio | View Score | Notes
[version b: additional Soprano and ad lib.-player, three radios and cooling fans)

band, linie, horizont I (a-e)                   Audio | Notes | Video
for piano solo with optional radio and dictaphone layers

atem/felder. palimpseste/translationen        Audio | View Score
for flute, clarinet, viola, violoncello and piano with dictaphone layers

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