Hannes Dufek receives one of 12 Work Grants in composition by the City of Vienna for 2022

Among eleven very diverse artists with different approaches to their subject. A great honour!

New commission for a 35-minute ensemble piece by Ensemble Platypus

"Of slowly unfolding things" - to be premiered in the fall of 2022 at Reaktor Wien.

New commission by Maja Mijatovic

"Scorre la luce" for 2 harpsichords in quartertonal disposition, objects and sampler for one player, around 15 minutes

The little mole is back (Vom kleinen Maulwurf.... back on stage)

at Kultursommer Wien in August (12. 8., 13.8. & 14. 8., various locations in Vienna)
and Landestheater St. Pölten (Theaterwerkstatt) in September (17.9.-24.9., various times, including specific school performances)

hedda @ Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht

performing "studies in intimacy II: the deep mirror", alongside other works by Gunter Schneider, Peter Ablinger, Tamara Friebel & Susanna Gartmayer

diachronic sound sculptures on Ö1 ZeitTon

The recording of the world premiere at Osterfestival Hall / Tirol, presented by Patrizia Jilg. After this transmission, the programme will be accessible 7 days onwards online.

Carinthischer Sommer 2021: band / linie / horizont If performed by Duo Doblinger/Neyrinck

As part of a concert presenting promising newcomers of the Austrian music scene alongside music by Sergej Kim, Matthias Kranebitter and Roman Haubenstock-Ramati.
Alban Berg Konzertsaal, Carinthische Musik Akademie, Ossiach 1, A-9570 Ossiach

World premiere (finally!) of framework us for 2 Accordions and tapes

As part of the (due to corona three times moved) programme "Knotenpunkte" by Duo Ar, at Alte Schmiede, Vienna, alongside music by Julian Siffert, Roberta Lazo Valenzuela, Aaron Ludwig and Santiago Díez Fischer.
Alte Schmiede, Schönlaterngasse 9, A-1010 Wien

Osterfestival Hall in Tirol: World Premiere of diachronic sound sculptures (70')

An exploration of music as a reflection of time lost and gained with the marvelous quartet Vierhalbiert, in the fantastic Salzlager in Hall in Tirol.
Salzlager, Saline 18, A-6060 Hall in Tirol

Trio Improvisation with Irene Kepl & Jakob Gnigler

At KunstBetrieb, following the trail of dead words and lost sounds as given before by the trio.
Kunstbetrieb, Klostergasse 11, A-1180 Wien

Performing in Alexander Chernyshkov's Featured Composer Concert

As part of the "Superhero-Band", with Annette Schönmüller, Márton Kovacs, Patric Redl, Stefan Voglsinger, Alessandro Baticci and Alexander Chernyshkov.
Recorded on 20.3. at RadioKulturHaus, radio transmission (Ö1 ZeitTon) on 26.3.
RadioKulturHaus, Argentinierstraße 30a, A-1040 Wien

band/linie/horizont Id at Alte Schmiede

Ensemble Platypus performing the piece as part of the programme "Obstinate Dauerschleife" alongside music by Francesco Filidei, Beat Furrer, Sara Glojnarić, Sehyung Kim, Dmitri Kourliandski & Yan Maresz
Jaime Wolfson, piano, Marianna Oczkowska, radionoise.
Alte Schmiede, Schönlaterngasse 9, A-1010 Wien
Available via livestream.